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Daytime friend

 And he'll tell her gypsy
He's working late again
But she knows too well there's something goin' on
She's been neglected and she needs a friend
So her trembling fingers dial the telephone

And Lord
it hurts her doin' this again
He's the best friend that her husband ever knew
When she's lonely he's more then just a friend
He's the one she longs to give her body to.
Daytime friends and nighttime lovers
Hoping no one else discovers
Where they go what they do
In their secret hidaway
Daytime friends and nighttime lovers
They don't want-a hurt the others
So they love in the nighttime
And shake hands in the light of day

And when it's over there's no peace of mind
Just a longin' for the way things should have been.
And she wonders why some men never find
That a woman needs a lover and
a friend.

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers
. . .

The conscience.

The conscience.

The alarming signpost in human,

It twinkles in the heart of breathing things.

The conscience, the sense of right and wrong.

The conscience, it reminds me of the story of  Richard Brown.*


The conscience.

There was the alarming signpost in him,

If not for Adam’s desire to dare the devil, we fall short many times.

There are times I say Oh! My conscience, what sin have I committed again?

How long shall I continue to let my conscience trouble me even for sins of unconsciousness?.


The conscience.

The conscience is like a security alarm to the thieves.

The moment it rings, it blinks more their conscience to thievery.

Jah! Forgive me my sins, for I am fully aware of them (conscience).

 Thief and I have no much difference for we both loose our conscience to way of life.



As you can keep awake on the watchtower

and be active in our kingdom ministry

because we have been organized to do Jehovah’s will

by having insight on the scripture,

and you know that  you can live forever on paradise earth

if you have knowledge that leads to everlasting life.


By sharing good news for the people of all Nations.

But for those asking that what does God require of us?

1.Draw close to God , 2.help others to be God’s  Friends,

by telling them what the bible really teach

so that all of us can enjoy life on earth forever,

then you will see when God say; LOOK!!! I am making all things new.


However, I might not have money to buy Honda accord,

Toyota corolla  would be too lithe for Nigerian road

and I will look too proud to ride Hummer jeep for my level.

But for the fourteenth series of NISSAN I shall not hesitate to get.

join me after sundown today to celebrate my new ride ’’NISSAN 14’’

because the car is cheap, affordable, comfortable and memorable.

If You Want Love.

If you wanna find gold
Go looking in the mountains.
If you wanna find silver
Go digging in stones.
If you wanna find happiness
Go reading in the Bible.
If you wanna find real love
Go looking for her.

Time tick


The butterfly counts not months but moments,

and has time enough.


 My little parrot friend says to me,

‘Tick says the clock, tick tick what you have to do, do it quick’


 I got my first deal when I was fourteen,

Now am over thirty and still on the move with my tight jeans.  

 Time is a wealth of change,
but the clock in its parody makes it mere change and no wealth.


  Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time

like dew on the tip of a leaf. 

We have a choice.

I said ‘we have a choice’,

 a choice to live long or short life,

a choice to cope or fall out for pressure,


we have a choice.

what life can offer  to us differs,

differs from individual as twins,


we have a choice to accept or reject.

you could determining to retain or sell it,


we have a choice,

we could choose to retain or release our friends,

we have a choice,


When we are faced with problems,

we have a choice to share or keep it,

problem is half solved when shared,

 we have a choice.

Poem to my unborn Baby.

My promise to Amber.


Oh my baby.

Let me re-echo my promise,

thou it’s been unwritten over years.

Its almost two years, hmm, just like yesterday.


The mother’s pregnancy woo,

the doctor’s confidence,

the baby’s cry,

the joy after worth.


 now, she walks up to me and call daddy, hungry for laughter she is

now, she believes in me, i’ll be there for you.

Here is the assurance,

don’t be daze as if the care ‘ll reduce b’cos baby Ann is here

(sigh!) hmn, thou baby needs a little attention, I share my care.

 Amber, stay young.

 until the moon goes down

I’ll lay you down on a bed of roses.

when the sun set, you ‘ll find me by your bedside early enough,

 let me re-echo my promise.

 I’ll teach you Jah’s will

I’ll teach you how to be chase among youths

I’ll see you through youths trials till you stand firm on the truth

Amber, my care remains in you

through my piece.


Poem to my unborn baby.

Min O Mine!


Oh my story

Oh my experience
too close to reality

Not realizing both moods

Bring back the days when in spirit we were crazy in love

Oju eni mala Ari toO, ohH! sorry

I spoke my mother’s tongue its the same as saying ‘uneasy lies the head that wears CROWN’

The length and breath of the earth I do not know

But surely, if you ask me,

There measurement is just by reading EXPERIENCE or my legs

I know it

By way of experince.

Take your time my brother, if I were you, I would learn from experience. 

Dancing Step

I love life, so I love nature.

I love music just like the psalmist..

But I have a fear, I’m worry  and afraid of what b‘comes of me if I continue

If cutlass and knife are not available

I dare not dance in the present of my contemporaries,
(Think about Dancing the popular free-madness and formal kolomental),

that night…hhhm~~Bachelor’s eve,

hey`` mr D.J, my long* met friends and associates were all present,


(but I still remain the usual ‘good dancer’).

I suddenly gained my senses with a question,


I realized I was carried away by the beats,

see! it’s the D.J, he metaphorically by way of an unhealthy lyrics

(But, with the same beats I stated my dance with)

Then I was deep with breaks like that of late M.J.

I was alert with a step below Jass.


Meticulously paying attention to details of the lyrics

~~~Wait, I’m a good stepper, I don’t know all songs,

does it mean I have to be selective? Hhhmmmm~~~~

This question ran thru the thought of my archive just in a milliseconds,

I mean between the step of vibrating my right hand thru to d left hand all took place..


But I’m good @ dancing.

Teach us how to number our days.

A day goes yet another

One step at a time, but,

one day shall be ones upon a time,

Oh Jehovah, I know u too well

A day with you is far above our 999 years

Teach us how to count our days

as we are at dilemma and lost.

BCE, AD or CE Oh I remember Nissan 14

A memorable day but for December..lol

A day goes n another comes

BCE is ones upon a time.


Perplexity unto humans

We celebrate new days ~~~~hmmn,

New year, new trouble

Oh Lord, give us reasons to reason

Oh Jehovah, teach us how to number.

According to our calendar, it’s a new year

I know with your calendar we are wrong

If only you had allowed us to use ur calendar

Teach us oh Jehovah.


You by Zephaniah warned us,

After seeking righteousness and meekness,

Why the use of probably before concealing us in the day of ur anger?

Shall we also count down to that day?

Please, teach us how to number our days.

We see the marries and merriest,

We witness celebrations,

We see fathers given there daughters hands in marriage,

We hear and witness wars and crimes,

People running to the highest mountain

Teach us how to number our day.

One day?

One week?

One month?

One year?

One step at a time, one day shall be ones upon a time.